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During a polygraph exam, we are recording microscopic changes to blood volume, skin conductance, upper breathing and lower breathing, as the examinee responds to a rehearsed 10-question script.

The examinee needs to sit very still. Answering yes or no with his/her mouth only, not with any head movement. Answering all questions at the same volume.

Four key questions from the client will be used as the heart of the exam. Be sure that each question is no more than 13 words long each, that the questions have no 'and' or 'or' in them, and that there are no 'softening' words (we don't say 'affair' or 'sleep with'; we say 'have sex with' or 'have sexual contact with').

The computer instantly and accurately scores the charts in between each test, so we will know which questions they did good on and did bad on, before we go on to the next test chart 5 minutes later.

If all guidelines and instructions are followed, we can expect in the area of 95% accuracy.

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Verify first that:

1 . . . your exam will be done on a modern $6000 computerized polygraph instrument, NOT on an old antique 'roll of chart paper with 4 pens'. You want the accuracy and sensitivity of a computerized instrument, and you want a computer to blindly score the test charts (you do not want a human to be doing the scoring, someone who can miss something or can be biased to be too easy or too hard).

2 . . . the accuser/client (spouse or victim) would be allowed, if desired, to quietly monitor the entire exam from an out-of-examinee's-view area or from a remote area.

3 . . . your examinee will be tested 3 times in a row, using standard 10-question charts (best for accuracy); with 20 seconds in between each question it means he/she will actually be 'on the polygraph' for 3 five-minute periods, with a short break in between each.

4 . . . you are permitted to arrive with the 4 key questions you would like to have asked during the exam. Have them written out, put plenty of thought into them. If you think that your situation needs more than 4 questions to cover it, speak to your examiner about this ahead of time.


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Continual improvements in polygraph technique
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